Stake your KIND
Kindcow Pool

Do you want to get more KIND? Just stake KIND to get more KIND!

On Kindcow, you can stake your KIND on the Pool page. Kindcow Pool allow Binance Smart Chain projects to bootstrap adoption by distributing a portion of their tokens to KIND token holders.
Kindcow Pool is split into two sections: Core and Community.
  • Core will be initially selected by the Kindcow team.
  • Community will be projects that pass a community vote on the governance portal.
The amount you want to stake is up to you and don't worry you can unstake your KIND anytime and the rewards are real time and calculated per block.

Why you should stake your KIND on Kindcow?

To maintain healthy body you need to drink milk everyday. That's why on Kindcow there is a Pool that allows you to stake your KIND and this kind cow will give you milk everyday!🥛
Last modified 9mo ago