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Add anything you want!

One of the difference between Kindcow and another finance is on Kindcow you could add project you like on the vote page.
You can add project you like just by paying 1000 KIND, then the server will change that 1000 KIND to 1000 AllocPoint. To start get reward you need to get minimum 10000 AllocPoint or in other word you have to get another 9000 vote to start get reward.
For example, if you have tokenA_BNB LP and you want to list it on Kindcow to get reward then you can submit it by paying 1000 KIND. And if your project has get 10000 vote you will start get reward.
The reward you would get is counting by Global AllocPoint ÷ Project AllocPoint. Example, the global AllocPoint is 100000 and your project has 10000 AlloctPoint. So, the reward you will get is 10% from the reward. It means your project will get 0.1 KIND per block.
So, don't forget to invite your family, friends, or anyone else to vote on your project so that you will quickly get reward.
More vote more KIND, more KIND more AllocPoint and the more reward you will get!🥳
Last modified 8mo ago
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