Vote Up

Vote up a project on Kindcow to get more reward!

On Kindcow you can vote a project you like to get more reward using KIND on Vote page and the KIND that you use to vote will be change by the server to AllocPoint. So, the server will count the AllocPoint to know how much people voting on a project.

1 KIND = 1 AllocPoint

The more people vote the more KIND burn, because 50% KIND from Vote will be burn, 25% KIND will used for random reward to the voters, and 25% will be directed monthly to the chosen social organizations. This burn mechanism will make the price of KIND increase along the time.
If you are lucky you will get the 25% from the total KIND from the vote page
So, the more AllocPoint the more reward will be given to the project and the voters and the more we donate to social organizations.
Pssttt, you can ask your friend to vote too and both of you can get more reward.🤫
It's easy to get reward on Kindcow, isn't it?
Last modified 10mo ago