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Kindcow Introduction

The true Decentralized Finance with no third party control running on Binance Smart Chain and Pancakeswap exchange


Kindcow is a yield farms where you can use to farming and staking to earn tokens in a very easy way running on Binance Smart Chain and Pancakeswap exchange.

We believe that yield farming is the decade's opportunity to build a deflationary mechanism, profitable for its supporters which generates a positive social impact, supporting international social organizations recognized for conducting efficient social projects.

It's easy, simple, and kind!🐄

Our Features

The First Social Impact Burning Mechanism🔥

Kindcow is a project that aims to transform the way people think the function of a yield farming platform.

First, we are creating a deflationary token, the KIND, with a burn mechanism. We are also creating a persistent and quality environment for all people to yield farm with high APR and earn more.

But, for us, this project needs to be important for the Defi ecosystem, for the finances of our supporters and for the world in which we live. For this reason, we developed the first burning mechanism that, in one of its aspects, generates donations to International Social Organizations, recognized for executing projects with maximum efficiency and of important relevance to the society.

The mechanism is simple in structure, but powerful in scope.

Step one: Add LP (Liquidity Pool) on Kindcow to get reward or Stake your KIND.

Step two: Vote in one of the International Social Organizations from our list and donate KIND tokens. (50% of the tokens will be burned, 25% will be the voter rewards and 25% will be directed monthly to the chosen social organizations)

Yea! You got it right. In addition to the voting process supporting a deflationary token and rewarding feeding our Treasury, 25% will be directed to International Social Organizations. We will collect monthly the fund destined for social organizations, transform it into dollars, divide it in equal parts and send it as a direct donation to them.

We currently work with the following list of social organizations:

  1. SOS Children's Villages

  2. Children’s Cancer Research Fund

  3. ALS Hope Foundation

  4. Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders)

Step three: Check BSC Scan immediately if you have been rewarded and drained our Treasury. Forget the lottery tickets! Our process is instantaneous. You know at the exact moment whether you were rewarded or not.

Easy, simple, and kind with the society.

Everyone Can Add a Project ✨

We are also trying to comfort our users by giving them freedom to add a project on the vote page just by paying 1000 KIND. So, you can add a project you like on Kindcow!


On top of that, you can earn KIND with Yield Farms, earn KIND and earn even more tokens with Staking.